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About PureFit

Declan Smyth
Well I could blow your mind with a story of tragedy that turned my life around and led me to where I am today.  I could quote lines of inspiration from different people from all walks of life that truly had an influence on my life.  I could thank my parents for my upbringing and making me the man I am today

But I’m not going to do any of that because honestly none of that even matters or for that matter is even true and let’s be honest no-on even cares.

PureFit was born from me, it was what I was always going to do.  Life led me on a road that had many turn offs where I could have easily gone a different route, followed the crowd so to speak.  But that’s not me, I make decisions based on a unique look at life a thought process that goes far deeper than you can imagine.

I have a genuine love for fitness, being healthy and trying my very best to get others to do the same, it’s not easy and over the many years I have experienced first-hand the many challenges that come with working in an industry, where so many fail in their promises to deliver the near impossible, due to the unrealistic goals and challenges that they not only set for themselves but more importantly for the client.

But I have learned so much from what I do, Ive learned so much from the people that I have worked with and Im currently working with.  People come to me for something they believe they want, to get in shape and to lose weight, get fitter etc and PureFit offer that but being a true personal training and personal development facility, what was being done in PureFit was far greater than even I could have imagined….

Everything that’s done in that time spent in the gym is all done from the minute each person enters the door, so our name was born to reflect why we do what we set out to do.  PureFit was born because in truth its what we all want to feel.

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