Recommended Products

Protein Powder

Protein Powder , vital for the body and something the majority of people don’t get enough of , I take an isolate powder which mixes really easy and digests without any discomfort and mix with 200ml of coconut or almond milk and I generally take it an hour before I work out

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Curcumin and Vitamin D3

Curcumin and Vitamin D3 , this capsule provides you with a 2 for 1 hit of curcumin which is an extract from turmeric , for me personally this has helped me with any niggles and small injuries , and aids in reducing inflammation, this is by far in my opinion the best version because of its obvious availability (how it’s absorbed in the body) ….Also Vitamin D3 which we absorb from sunlight but unfortunately we don’t get enough of this and a deficiency in this can lead to health issues

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Nut Butters

Nut Butter , one simple reason is these are delicious and much nicer than just eating raw nuts , a great and convenient way of getting some more healthy fats into you

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Omega Oils

Omega oils , these are they healthy oils you get mainly from fish , healthy fats are essential to your body so if you feel your diet is lacking in these then take these every day to ensure you’re at least getting some form into your body, again read up on what healthy fats are and why we need them.

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Creatine, don’t be afraid of this product as it’s one of the most researched supplements on the market , read up on it to see the endless benefits of this magic white powder. I use creapure and mix 2.5g into my protein shake.

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