Supplements can be a great addition to your daily routine and can play not only an important role in improving your health but also your performance when training and help your recovery.

But it can be overwhelming as the internet and supplement companies will throw a million choices at you and what you need, so to save you time and effort I’ve put in the time and through my own personal experience come up with what I think are 5 essential products that I’ve been using every day to keep me on top of my game.

You will hear a lot of people say you shouldn’t use supplements and concentrate on food, my view is supplements are an essential addition as we all don’t have the luxury or the time to prepare meals that cover everything you need, we are not professional athletes with a pro team of experts behind us, but what we can do is certainly look at athletes and look at how they improve, all athletes from amateurs to pros use supplements and that is a fact

  1. Protein Powder , vital for the body and something the majority of people don’t get enough of , I take an isolate powder which mixes really easy and digests without any discomfort and mix with 200ml of coconut or almond milk and I generally take it an hour before I work out . You need between 1.5/2g of protein per kilo of body weight minus your fat mass so take the time to find this out , any fitness professional can help you to get that number.
  2. Creatine, don’t be afraid of this product as it’s one of the most researched supplements on the market , read up on it to see the endless benefits of this magic white powder. I use creapure and mix 2.5g into my protein shake.
  3. Curcumin and Vitamin D3 , this capsule provides you with a 2 for 1 hit of curcumin which is an extract from turmeric , for me personally this has helped me with any niggles and small injuries , and aids in reducing inflammation, this is by far in my opinion the best version because of its obvious availability (how it’s absorbed in the body) ….Also Vitamin D3 which we absorb from sunlight but unfortunately we don’t get enough of this and a deficiency in this can lead to health issues …There is no substitute for being outdoors but if you don’t think you get enough at least this will help.
  4. Omega oils , these are they healthy oils you get mainly from fish , healthy fats are essential to your body so if you feel your diet is lacking in these then take these every day to ensure your at least getting some form into your body , again read up on what healthy fats are and why we need them
  5. Nut Butter , one simple reason is these are delicious and much nicer than just eating raw nuts , a great and convenient way of getting some more healthy fats into you , but be warned nut butters are addictive so use in moderation as calories can add up if you start spoon feeding into your mouth .i like to use it on some whole grain bread with banana , a tasty snack that provides you with so much energy , just to note from experience don’t eat this too close to a workout ,nut butters are heavy in the stomach and take a bit longer to digest , trust me on that one , a good 2 hours before should be good or use it as a recovery food

Also just to note I have no affiliation with Bulk Powders I just find their products are of good quality and at an affordable price and if you register with them you can avail of some great discount offers

One final thing , please research and decide for yourself if these products are for you and do you need them , these are only recommendations from what I have found works for me and fit into my lifestyle

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