Taking the Oar out of Indoor Rowing

“ Last 10 seconds c’mon all out , 3,2,1 done!’

I let a roar as my gym is empty , just me versus the rowing machine and the 2km time trial , row row row your boat gently down the stream does not resemble what I’ve just went through
7 mins and 4 seconds of what felt like rowing for my life away from a great white shark
I get off the rower and I roll around on the floor looking for something or someone to ease the pain in my lungs , my forearms , my legs , my everything
I’ve pushed myself to near my limits and I love it because it’s tests like these that really show if your training is really paying off

To complete a 2km row it requires everything in your fitness and mental locker , you will go through all of the bodies energy pathways and you will experience every emotion possible as you power through the meters
The first 100 will fly by and you will feel great , another couple of 100 will be ok but your breathing will be a little louder and a bead of sweat will gently roll down your face , teasing you before the rainy season descends upon you .
500 meters gone and it’s a reality check , this is now where the real test begins , you’ve gone anaerobic which means your not taking in enough oxygen to sustain your pace and your not even half way ..
This is where you calm the mind and focus your breathing with your stroke and get to the 1000 mark , once there you’ve got to convince yourself you can keep going , your pace will drop , you will hate the feeling of burning lungs , your legs will feel like there going to explode but you have to push through to 1500 and this is the mark where the finish line is in sight
The final countdown 500, 400 , 300 , 200 and give everything you have from here .
A&E will feel very appealing at this stage but your going to make it ..
Done , recovery will take near 5 minutes if you’ve pushed to the limits and you feel it for the rest of the day , but the sense of achievement will far outweigh that I promise

The beauty of this test is that’s it’s also one of those tests that anybody can do as its easy to set up and do it , obviously with some guidance on technique etc , also it’s a standard test for elite rowers , so it gives everyday fitness enthusiasts the opportunity to see what it feels like to test yourself against others

Is it one of the greatest fitness tests out there , in my opinion I’d say yes, it tests everything and fitness is all about being good in all aspects , strength , aerobic and anaerobic fitness , endurance , power , and most important of all mental strength ..

Make rowing part of your training routines , there are literally thousands of different workouts you can do and incorporate it into your weights routines , I would go as far as to say it’s essential
Practice your technique or get some help and build up your fitness to where you can give yourself the challenge of completing a 2km row for time

When you do give it a try ,keep in mind elite rowers will complete 2k in and around
6.30 or less ( check the world record)
Use a Concept 2 rowing machine and set it to 2000mtrs , the great thing is you can’t cheat and if you don’t work you won’t go far

Standards at Purefit are as follows
Beginners: aim for 10.30 or less
Good : 9.30 or less
Excellent: 8.30 or less
Purefit : 7.30 or less

Enjoy and embrace the challenge
Fit or Purefit


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